Modern Jewellery with Meaning

The Adinkra Story


Lonam makes luxury modern jewellery inspired by the ancient Adinkra symbols from Ghana, West Africa. The Adinkra origin story is mired in mystery and has various theories and stories associated with it. According to the Ashanti tribe, the first chief priest who ruled in the 7th century, summoned a stool of solid gold from the heavens and it was draped in a mystical fabric adorned with Adinkra symbols.


Each symbol has a unique meaning and is worn to represent the traits and strengths of the wearer. The Adinkra symbols also act as messages of sentiment or warning to whoever observes them.


These ancient symbols were traditionally used and worn exclusively by royalty, spiritual leaders and elite members of society as part of elaborate ceremonies and occasions. Lonam brings these ancient mystical symbols to life for the modern world, using gold, precious gemstones or sterling silver. All the pieces are designing and produced using both modern and traditional methods in the U.K. The jewellery range covers modern classic ready-to-wear and exceptional bespoke pieces for exclusive clients.


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