Top 5 Remarkable Reasons You Need Sapphires Over Diamonds

If you love the best of the best then you’re in great company with sapphires. This is because they’re known as one of the “precious four” gemstones. Other members of this exclusive club include rubies, diamonds and emeralds. Blue is the classic and most popular choice for sapphires but the stone is also available in “fancy” colours of green, orange pink, purple and white. Pink is the most rare of the “fancy” colours.


Since that famous Princess Diana engagement ring, now owned by the irresistible Kate Middleton, sapphires have become a popular choice for brides but there is so much more to learn and love about this beautiful gemstone.


Here are Lonam’s top 5 Remarkable Reasons:

  1. Diamonds are rare, Sapphires are RARER: Did you know that diamonds are actually among the most common gems in nature? They do resist scratching better than almost any mineral in the world, but outside of that fact it’s the clever marketing and associated status that drives up the price. Even if you went to live in outer space, diamonds would still be common, that’s because, a recent discovery shows that when some stars collapse then form giant diamond crystals. Prices for diamonds are set based on consumer demand and because of some very clever marketing gurus! On the other hand, sapphires are more reasonably priced great alternatives without a market monopoly. Just try and count how many people you know that have one diamond…then count how many people you know that own a sapphire.


  1. You don’t need to worry about carats: If you’re thinking about coloured gemstones, then it’s all about the size not the carat weight because the size to weight ratio of coloured gemstones can vary. That means (when compared to a diamond stones of the same weight could be bigger…or smaller.


  1. They Possess Magical Powers: This may be more myth than scientific fact but sapphires are thought to bring wisdom, peace and happiness to the wearer. Sapphires also have a strong connection with various religions from Christianity, the ancient Persians, Muslims and Buddhists.


  1. They’re not just a pretty face: Lonam jewellery loves to explore symbols and their meanings which is why the jewellery almost always features Adinkra symbols with a unique story behind it. Sapphires fit right into this thinking and throughout history have been known as symbols of loyalty, sincerity and truth. This is probably another reason it’s become so popular in wedding jewellery.


  1. Sapphires are one of a Kind: Sapphires are available in a number of “fancy” colours, and because of the variety of shades and colour distribution, no two sapphires will be the same, even if they’re in the same colour group. If you love unique one-off pieces, choose a sapphire for an engagement ring or investment piece and you’ll be one of a kind.


And a bonus reason:

  1. Sapphires are a great ethical choice: If you believe in fair trade and responsible ownership then you’ll be pleased to know that Sapphire mines are generally owned by small families of communities which makes it easier to track their origin, history.

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So there you have it, Lonam’s Top 5 (and a bonus extra) remarkable reasons to choose sapphires instead of diamonds in 2018, and every year. Lonam has launched two new gold pieces, (earrings and a pendant) both featuring pink sapphires in the centre of the Bese Saka adinkra symbol which represents abundance, wealth and unity.

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