What We're Watching on Netflix Right Now

image Netflix by Freestock

So you have people round, and you're looking for something to watch but there are about 14,000 titles available (and it feels like it when you're scrolling). You don't want to do the whole lets give it 7 mins to see if we like it thing, so here you go. We've done the hard work for you.



image by John Canelis

Cooked is a cookery show for those of us who like to think about our food and it’s origins. Michael Pollan looks at the culture of cooking travelling around the world to meet the cooks. He also investigates how food culture and our health is being affected by the processed food industry.



image moon by David Dibert

The Salem Witch trials but from the witches perspective is a supernatural horror by Brannon Braga and Adam Simon. Driven into the clutches of the local coven by Puritan injustice Mary takes a dark path towards her destiny and that of Salem.


Stranger Things

image sunglasses by Puneeth Shetty

The Duffer brothers take us back to the eighties to a small town dwarfed by an experimental government facility. When a boy goes missing his friends take upon themselves to investigate with dramatic results.


Dark Tourist

image by Michael Benz

Dark tourism is a growing trend for people looking for an alternative to the package holiday to Spain. Journalist David Farrier travels around the world to popular dark tourism spots from a Voodoo festival in Benin to swimming in a lake polluted by radiation in Kazakhstan. 


The Good Place

image balloons by Luca Upper

Okay so you’ve died and gone to heaven but you don’t deserve it. Eleanor Shellstrop is faced with such a dilemma and filled with dread at the thought of the Bad Place so she tries to change with the help of fellow inhabitant and confidant Chidi. 

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