Symbol Dictionary

All the symbols you see in Lonam's jewellery are inspired by ultra cool symbols from Ghana (called Adinkra).
Each symbol has a different name and meaning to inspire and motivate you, bringing deeper meaning to your everyday wardrobe.
As the jewellery is "inspired by" the symbols, not everything below will look exactly as they do in the jewellery.
Want to know what they all mean? See below.


Used In

Courage, Heroism, Bravery

(Akofena – Swords of War)

Nana Bangle

    Nyame Ye Ohene


(Nyame Ye Ohene – God is King)

Royalty Cufflinks, Nana Bangle



(Nsoromma – Child of the Heavens)

Starlight Earrings, Nana Bangle


Agreement, Understanding, Cooperation

(Akoma Ntoso – Linked Hearts)

Signature Ring

  Bese Saka

Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, Unity

(Bese Saka – Sack of Cola Nuts)

Nana Bangle

    Gye Nyame

Faith, Fearlessness

(Gye Nyame – I fear none – except God)

Fearless Rings (I, II & III), Fearless Bracelet, Nana Ring, Nana Bangle, Fearless Pendant


Learning from the past and past mistakes

(Sankofa - Go back and get it)

Cocoa Amulet, Cocoa Earrings, Nana Ring, Nana Bangle