Heart Ring - Gold - Lonam Jewellery
Heart Ring - Gold - Lonam Jewellery
Heart Ring - Gold - Lonam Jewellery

Heart Ring - Gold

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The ancient Adinkra symbol for patience and tolerance, "The Heart". 

Ring with repeating design. The ring weighs about 6 grams with a height of 8mm and features 1mm bands either end.

Available in sterling silver, yellow, white and rose gold.

The Heart ring use the Akoma (ah-kohm-ah) Adinkra symbol, which looks like an open heart and means tolerance and patience.

The Heart rings forms part of our Solo collection. This collection features one symbol to convey a simple but strong message.

Our designs are all about showing the love and keeping the faith. The jewellery is inspired by Adinkra Symbols, created in Ghana, (West Africa), which serve as decoration, but also represent; thought-provoking messages, aspects of day-to-day life, simple truths and traditional wisdom. 


A Note on Lead Time & Delivery

Because each Lonam piece is made to order for each individual client, please allow a minimum of two weeks for manufacture prior to delivery.

Ring Sizes

The Heart ring (narrow) is designed to be worn as a midi ring, sitting half way up your finger. If you’d  like to wear this piece in a “midi” position, please order one size down from your normal size.

All our jewellery is packaged in glossy white wooden boxes and comes with a note-card

Made in the UK and shipping worldwide.

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